Freeflow Spas

The Cascina spa was designed to bring you maximum comfort at a minimum price. The smallest spa in the Freeflow line-up sits much deeper than other spas of comparable size. It has a built-in cascading waterfall and is fully foamed to keep electricity costs low.
Deep and spacious, the Azure spa provides the perfect antidote to aches and pains. Massage your tired feet on the perfectly placed foot-jets or lean back and enjoy the comfortable lounge seat. This spa also features a serene waterfall, an LED underwater light and Plug-N-Play technology. It weighs less than 350 lbs. without water, so go ahead and take it with you.
The TriStar is a 3-seater, triangular spa. The TriStar has chair seating, hand & wrist jets, jets for the feet & a cool down seat.
The Monterey has been newly designed to feature a molded in ICE-BUCKET, seating for seven & 22 hydrotherapy jets, including a seven port foot jet.