Trevi 106 Above Ground Pool Package

The Trevi 106 Above Ground Pool Package is a terrific option for a starter pool. It features top seats, galvanized steel uprights, and resin joint covers.

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Trevi 106 Above Ground Pool


    • 7″ galvanized steel top seat.
    • Galvanized steel coping with Resin seat cap.
    • 6″ Galvanized steel upright with Galvanized steel joint plate
    • Application of an alkaline solution to cleanse the oxides.
    • Plasticized SP coating.
    • Molten zinc coat including Primer coat.
    • Steel wall core with Chromate anti-rust coat.
    • Chromate anti-rust coat with Ultra-resistant polymer.
    • 175# Hayward Sand Filter w/ 1.5 HP Pump
    • Standard A-Frame Ladder
    • Widemouth Skimmer
    • Complete Vacuum Package
    • 15’, 18’, 21’, 24’, 27’ x 52” Wall Height
    • Not Salt Friendly


    Tile Detail