Trevi 178 Stellar

The “Stellar”is a sturdy pool made of steel, with an elegant resin finish. The Trevi 178 Stellar has superior quality resin top seats that are uniform all around, UV-protected against discoloration and have molecular memory to avoid warping. And they’re also scratch-proof! Trevi’s uniquely-designed uprights for round shaped pools ensure greater resistance against water pressure while remaining aesthetically pleasing. Resin bottom Safety Track ™, the bottom track guarantees a safer and sturdier pool.

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  • 7″ galvanized steel top seat.
  • Steel coping.
  • Resin seat cap.
  • Resin joint plate.
  • 7″ steel upright.


  • Plasticized SP coating.
  • Molten zinc coat.
  • Primer coat.
  • Alkaline solution to cleanse the oxides.
  • Steel wall core.
  • Chromate anti-rust coat.
  • Heat-hardened inlay.
  • Ultra-resistant polymer.
  • 18′, 21′, 24′ and 27′ Round x 54” wall height
  • 3 Multicolored LED Solar Lights Included with Pool Package
  • OPTIONAL: Additional Multicolored LED Solar lights (3 Pack $49.95)


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